In 2014, IPYPU Cares was established during the administration of Pastor Jarrett Perdue and serves as the charity arm for the IPYPU. Many of our IPYPU Cares community service related events take place during our Summer Convention, Empowerment Conference and Presidents & Leaders Retreat.

In 2019, Evangelist Freda Morrison placed IPYPU Cares under the direction of the Outreach and Evangelism team.

2014 The Beginning
IPYPU Cares Founded
Past President, Pastor Jarrett Perdue

This initiative is a commitment to sharing the love of God in a tangible way through various community programs, outreach events and sponsorship.

2015 Indianapolis Impact
New Construction Fundraiser
YMCA Indianapolis

3K Walk to raise funds towards the construction of the Indianapolis YMCA (located one block from PAW Headquarters)

2016 Serving in Chicago
Feeding the Homeless

Led a 3K Prayer walk and fed the homeless in Chicago.

2017 Abuse Victim Support
Collaboration Effort
World Vision

Partnered with World Vision to raise funds to support abuse victims.

2018 Atlanta

Sponsored 2 Clean-up programs in Atlanta with IPYPU Teens.

2019 Ohio Tornado Relief
School Supplies

Raised $1000 to purchase school supplies and uniforms for children impacted by the 2019 Memorial Day Tornado in Ohio.