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Vision Statement

For nearly 90 years, the International Pentecostal Young People’s Union has served as the “birthing station” of leadership within the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) Inc. It is, argumentatively, one of the most valuable auxiliaries within the organization. The vitality of the organization is directly connected to the strength of the IPYPU; we are the strength of the church (I John 2:14). It is our job to be the engine that moves this organization into the forefront to declare the Word of the Lord that souls may be won into the kingdom until His return.

The success of the IPYPU is critical to the future of this organization. Therefore, it is important that we do everything we can as the leaders of this generation to make sure every aspect of operation, every program and every agenda is executed with excellence!

The climate of our culture and the decline of spirituality of our generation requires the IPYPU to WORK vigorously to help youth understand their identity and purpose in Jesus Christ.

The WORK requires the following:
• Courage
• Consistency
• Commitment
• Selfless-ness

W – WORSHIP – Christ centered & focus worship of Jesus through teaching and impartation
W – WHY – Reconnecting our young people with their “Why” in Life
W – WEALTH – Connecting our young people with information to improve their financial future outlooks
W – WHOLISTIC – Meeting the physical, psychological, and social needs of the individual in addition to their spiritual needs
O – OUTREACH – Identify opportunities for our young people to share the love of Christ as we serve and connect with our local, national, and international
O – OPPORTUNITIES – Exposing the gifts and talents of our young people and creating inroads to define and accomplish their spiritual callings and natural
O – ORGANIZE – Take strategic looks at the culture and infrastructure of the organization in effort to mobilize and advance the IPYPU in local diocese
O – OWNERSHIP – Build a culture of engagement with constituents following customer adoption modules (from Awareness to Adoption)
R – RECOGNIZE – Make intentional attempts to honor those who have served and highlight the accomplishments of our constituents. Champion and advocate for the overlooked.
R – REWARD – Make intentional attempts to reward supporters, leaders, and volunteers

Our Mission

The IPYPU seeks to empower and ensure the natural and spiritual development of young people through innovative ministry for the purpose of growing dynamic Christians across the globe.