Christian Education

The purpose of Christian Education is to develop workshops for annual events (i.e. Empowerment Conference, Summer Convention) based on constituent needs, critical topics such as:

  • Social-ethical issues/themes
  • Fundamental apostolic doctrine
  • Christian psychological principles
  • Economic practices
  • Leadership/Educator training
  • Christian youth activities and child evangelism

According to event scheduling and resource availability. Additionally, the department coordinates the Bible Bowl competitions and develops international training programs in conjunction with other IPYPU entities.

Vehicles by which our purpose is accomplished through:

  • Lectures
  • Graded instruction
  • General Sessions
  • Panel presentations
  • Discussions
  • Guided independent study
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Media presentations

For several decades, the IPYPU Bible Bowl has provided a platform for people of all ages to both test and increase their knowledge of the scriptures through friendly competition. We are committed to taking the IPYPU Bible Bowl to the next level. Recently, over 200 people from at least 8 councils (domestic and international) participated during our annual International Summer Convention. We are currently developing strategies to help increase awareness and engagement. Our goal is to have representation from every council during our International Summer Convention.

Competition opportunities include:

  • Oral expression: Team
  • Oral expression: Individual
  • Written expression: Team
  • Written expression: Individual
  • Spelling
  • Fine Arts
  • Creative Writing