Alumni Association

Since its inception, the IPYPU has always been integrally linked to the natural and spiritual development of leadership in the PAW; with many of its leaders going on to serve this august body in numbers of roles from Episcopal District (Council) leaders, Pastors, Executive Board Members and even Presiding Bishops of the organization.

More importantly, the IPYPU believes its mandate is to train and develop future leaders of this great organization through discipleship, mentorship, training, and exposure to ministerial excellence in and outside of ecclesiastical settings.

In an effort to retain and further develop leaders, our organization and recent leaders/graduates of our auxiliary proposed (and established) an IPYPU Alumni Association. The adoption of an IPYPU Alumni Association
is fulfilling its mission of continued fellowship, honor and recognition, increased communication and engagement, transitionary leadership development, championing scholastic achievement and fundraising.

The IPYPU Alumni Association’s charter is the continued development of former leaders, supporters and contributors of the auxiliary through fellowship and increased engagement. The IPYPU Alumni
Association seeks to continue the legacy of successful transitionary leadership to the PAW, society and kingdom at large through honor and recognition, championing scholarship and sowing into the future of the IPYPU by ensuring that the empowerment of young people continues.

Fellowship: Continuing the charge of the Acts Church by providing a platform for former leaders to fellowship and establishing opportunities to remain connected to the current administration and causes of the IPYPU. The goal of the Alumni Association is to support the fostering of lifelong relationship and develop ambassadors and advocates of the IPYPU.

Honor & Recognition: Continuing Paul’s charge to the church of Thessalonica to honor those leaders amongst us and contributions of Alumni to the IPYPU and the PAW at large is an important focus of the Alumni Association. The goal of the Alumni Association is to spotlight the accomplishments of former members and to preserve the rich legacy of efforts instrumental advancing the causes of the IPYPU through diverse mediums and events.

Communication & Engagement: One of the goals of the IPYPU is to strengthen communication with former leaders, supporters and contributors overall as well as to keep them informed about our upcoming events, current projects and initiatives. The goal of the Alumni Association is to allow Alumni a forum to continue to share ideals and develop opportunities for members to partner with us in support of these efforts.

Scholarship: One of the IPYPU’s areas of focus is championing the scholastic accomplishments of young people in our organization. The Goal of the Alumni Association is to support this effort by identifying and recognizing of leaders that demonstrate and embody the principles of our Auxiliary Standard Bearers. Yearly scholarships will awarded via the IPYPU and the IPYPU Alumni Association.

Transitionary Leadership: An important focus of the Alumni Association is to develop a pipeline of leadership that can support the PAW at-large in multi-faceted areas like programming, operations, finance, missions, and administration. The goal of the IPYPU Alumni Association is the continued development of leaders in critical areas essential for future success of the organization, internationally and locally.

Financial Support of the IPYPU: The goal of the Alumni Association is to continue the financial support of the IPYPU efforts through various contributions methods. Members of the Alumni Association are provided a number of opportunities to partner financially through tiered membership levels, sponsorship and advertisement, and freewill giving. Alumni Association is designed to support the IPYPU scholastic, missions, and programming efforts aimed to disciple, develop, deploy and retain young people.


The IPYPU Alumni Association iscomprised of former leaders, supports and contributors of the IPYPU. The diversity of the membership criteria support the IPYPU’s goal of full representation and recognition of many layers associated in the success of our Auxiliary since its inception. IPYPU Alumni Association is a special fraternity of leaders who have sacrificed immensely to advance the cause of empowering young people and is inclusive of the following membership designations:

Former IPYPU Elected Staff Officers: All former Elected Cabinet members/officials of the IPYPU.

Former IPYPU Appointed Staff Members/Officials: All former appointed staff members and officials who served in IPYPU auxiliary related operations and support ministries.

Former State/Council Young People Presidents: All former appointed and elected State/Council Young People Presidents of local councils.

Former and Current Auxiliary Directors: All former and current Auxiliary Directors and representative to the Board of the IPYPU.

IPYPU Contributors and Supporters At-Large: Individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement and preservation of the IPYPU. Alumni Association members in this category will consist of presenters, volunteers, and supporters of the IPYPU who served the Auxiliary in an unofficial capacity.

The IPYPU Alumni Association’s operational mandate is the continuous support of its charter (see Charter tab) through the following strategic areas of focus:

Recruitment: Partner with the Auxiliary to identify and actively engage former leaders, supports and contributors of the IPYPU. Develop appropriate literature and promotional materials to market the Alumni Association locally and internationally.

Correspondence: Development of Alumni Association Database and Execution of year-round strategic communications plan aimed at improving engagement with former leaders, supporters and contributors.

Solicitation of Donors: Develop a year-round strategic plan for sponsorship and contributions to the IPYPU Alumni Association and the IPYPU causes and efforts at large. Develop corporate sponsorships and alternative revenue streams in support Alumni Association programming and events.

Fellowship: Develop year-round fellowship and networking opportunities locally and internationally for alumni throughout the year. Coordinate efforts with the IPYPU Programming & Planning Teams for fellowship opportunities at signature events (i.e. International Summer Convention, Empowerment Conference and Presidents & Leaders Retreat-PLR)

Programming: Develop and participate in strategic and long range program planning to promote further leadership development; and commitment to the IPYPU & PAW. Coordinate efforts with the IPYPU Programming & Planning Teams for programming opportunities at signature events (i.e. International Summer Convention, Empowerment Conference and PLR)